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Our vision was inspired by an open trash bin full of discarded sex toys. Dildos, vibrators, and anal toys - an entire collection - had been thrown away with other rubbish. What a waste. What if there was some way to recycle sex toys that people didn't want any longer? This is how the idea for Sex Toy Recycling was born.

Our company is dedicated to reducing waste and environmental toxins by providing a creative alternative for the disposal and recycling of used sex toys. We collect used sex toys and use a patent pending process to recycle the materials into new products. Our full line of offerings is currently under development.

Although most of the toys we recycle come from individual consumers and members of the public, we are currently in negotiation with major adult industry companies to increase our supply of recyclable materials. Partnering with these companies will give us access to sex toys used as props in adult films (many of which are used only once) and irregular or reject merchandise from sex toy manufacturers.

Look for our new online store and expanded selection of recycled products, coming soon! Use the form below to contact us:

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