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Why Buy Green Sex Toys?

For a Healthier Planet

Recycled sex toys reuses nonbiodegradeable materials that would otherwise end up in landfills, adding to waste and possibly leaching toxins into the earth. In addition, the manufacture of PVC releases harmful chemicals. Our recycling process is clean and energy efficient.

For Healthier Pleasure

You know that new sex toy smell? Itís actually the scent of toxic chemicals. Jelly rubber toys contain phthalates, chemicals that are absorbed through vaginal or anal tissue and can affect your hormonal and reproductive system, damage the liver and kidneys, and possibly cause cancer. Phthalates have been banned in childrenís toys, but they are still used to make sex toys. While we do accept jelly rubber products for recycling, they are sorted out, reprocessed, and used to form the inner core of our toys. Our manufacturing process seals the outside of the toy with a layer of clean, nonporous silicone, guaranteeing that harmful chemicals never come into contact with your skin.

Ending Petroleum Dependency

Besides containing harmful chemicals, the PVC in jelly dildos and other toys is derived from petroleum, a limited resource. Although buying a green sex toy is a small step compared to switching to solar power or driving a hybrid car, every little bit counts.

Supporting American Labor

Recycled sex toys are guaranteed sweatshop free! Most jelly dildos and other inexpensive sex toys are made in factories in China or other overseas countries and distributed by US companies. All of our processing and manufacturing is performed by American laborers in facilities on U.S. soil. Our employees benefit from competitive wages and excellent working conditions. When you buy recycled sex toys, you can know that youíre supporting American workers and the U.S. economy.

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