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You seal it up...

Seal your used sex toy in one of our Tyvek pouches, which you can obtain by emailing us, or pick one up at your local sex toy retailer. While we sterilize all toys upon receipt, we would appreciate it if you wash your toy with soap and water before submitting it for collection.

...and drop it off

You drop the pouch into one of our secure receptacles, where it will be collected and transported to our processing center.

We sort it out...

After undergoing thorough sterilization, toys are inspected and sorted according to their material composition. Vibrators and other mechanical toys are sent to the skilled technicians in our repair department for salvage and refurbishing. Any batteries left in the toys are removed and recycled appropriately. Silicone and rubber toys are sorted and the materials processed for reuse. Any metals, plastics, or other materials left over after the reclamation process are recycled for non-sex-toy purposes.

...and grind it up

We then use a patent-pending process similar to that used to recycle athletic shoes into rubber surfaces for basketball courts. The rubber and silicone is ground up, mixed with a binding agent, and remolded into new toys. For sanitary and safety reasons, each toy is then coated with a layer of new silicone. The result is a sex toy made of at least 95% post-consumer materials.

You cash it in

For each sex toy you submit for recycling, you will receive a voucher good for $5 toward the purchase of any product in our recycled sex toy line. You can redeem the vouchers at your local sex toy retailer, or at our online store (coming soon!) using the special code you recieve.

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