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More Eco-friendly Alternatives

Recycling your sex toys is just one way you can combine your passion in the bedroom with your love for the environment. Here are some other ecologically responsible alternatives.

Green Materials

Glass or metal sex toys are eco-friendly, durable, and often beautifully designed. Their production process is relatively non-toxic and has little environmental impact, and they will outlast their rubber counterparts many times over. Other accessories like paddles are available in recycled rubber and sustainably harvested, ecologically treated wood.

Sexual Chemistry

You can decrease the use of petroleum and its derivatives by using organic lubes and massage oils. Also, when buying lingerie or fetish wear, avoid petroleum derived synthetic materials like polyester and nylon in favor of natural fibers such as cotton and silk. If you have a battery-powered vibrator, buy a set of rechargeable batteries; standard batteries contain extremely toxic and corrosive chemicals.

Improvised Pleasure Devices

If you need a sex toy there may be one closer than you think, in your refrigerator or around the house. Fruits and vegetables like bananas and cucumbers make a simple and inexpensive substitute for a dildo. Many common items like electric toothbrushes or hairbrush handles can also be used for pleasure. And with a little imagination and ingenuity, you can create improvised sex toys and give a second life to materials like plastic bags, shampoo bottles, toilet paper tubes, and rubber gloves.

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